What cryptocurrencies can you spend using the Coinbase Visa debit card, and does it make sense to spend them?

Launched in April, the Coinbase debit card allows European users to spend their crypto anywhere by swiping a card. Recently, they’ve been adding more and more crypto assets to pay with, and today, they listed the first stablecoin. Crypto assets compatible with the Coinbase debit card Bitcoin, the asset that everyone complains about not being

Bakkt’s app implies fixes to crypto’s biggest problems, but how will it be executed?

Bakkt is a company under the New York Stock Exchange’s parent organization, Intercontinental Exchange. Hype has surrounded them ever since they announced physically settled Bitcoin futures for institutional investors. Initially, Bakkt was going after big money, but now they’re making an app for the masses. This week, they released a some information about their upcoming