WTF is Web 3.0!?

WTF! How are we at Web 3.0 already!? I didn’t even know there was a 2nd web.. This concept is thankfully much easier to understand than zk-SNARKs and decentralized stable-coins. Web 3.0, just like Web 2.0 and Web 1.0 are things that everyone on the internet associates with every day. In order to understand what

Cash App to release stock trading

Square is adding more trading features during Bitcoin’s seemingly bearish trend. Today, they tweeted that Cash App users can buy stocks with as little as $1.  An exchange that has comparable features to Cash App’s stock trading is Robinhood, a newbie friendly mobile app. The difference is, Robinhood requires users to purchase whole shares of

Ripple expands into D.C. to educate regulators

Ripple said in a press release today that industry leaders have to come together to realize the full potential of blockchain tech. With this, Ripple announced a dedicated government relations office in Washington D.C. Along with the expansion, they also announced becoming a member of the Blockchain Association. The Blockchain Association is a non-profit located