A wild “BitDEX” whitepaper appears

A new eye catching whitepaper has been floating around Twitter recently. BitDEX wants to “build a decentralized BitMEX using priceless financial contracts,” but does the execution live up to its name? Why do people even want decentralized margin? Because transactions on decentralized exchanges are matched through an outside venue, (your wallet) FinCEN doesn’t recognize it

DAI debt ceiling raised by 20 million

On November 6th, for the first time ever, 100 million DAI (or SAI) were in circulation. This was the ceiling for outstanding DAI and Maker had to respond by initiating a vote to raise the capacity. Within a day, around 59,000 Maker tokens were in favor for raising the ceiling, totaling to about $37 million

MakerDAO wants us to start calling DAI, SAI

MakerDAO’s new innovation, Multi-Collateral DAI (MCD) is planned for release this month pending a vote. Since everyone should be moving to MCD, Maker wants people to call the old DAI, SAI. The reasoning behind this is to start spreading awareness to the differences of DAI and MCD. DAI is created by sticking Ethereum in a