Justin Sun paid someone to make memes clowning The Block crypto news outlet

Coindesk talked to the a Twitter user who was paid by Justin Sun to make ‘derogatory memes’ against The Block staff members. This was a result of Changpeng Zhao and Justin Sun being upset about The Block reporting that a Binance office in Shanghai was raided and shut down in early December.

Sun is involved in buying Poloniex, founder of TRON blockchain network, and CEO of BitTorrent. Zhao is the CEO of Binance and founder of BNB. The two could be considered competitors but are closer than one might assume. Binance has had complete control over TRON’s voting system for a while now.

They both teamed up against The Block after Zhao denied their reports of a Shanghai Binance office existing, and being shut down after raids. Both Zhao and Sun offered 100 Bitcoin to begin a fund aimed against news that could hurt the crypto market. Zhao also threatened to sue The Block in via Twitter, but the topic hasn’t been brought up since.

In fact, last night, Frank Chaparro posted announced an upcoming interview with Catherine Coley, CEO of Binance.US. The podcast has not released yet but commenters are wondering whether or not they touched on the Binance drama.

$1000 of that 100 BTC fund was used to hire meme-maker and TRX investor, Tommy Mustache to make create some anti-The Block pictures. Here’s what he came up with.

The Block derogatory meme

Mr. Mustache told Coindesk why he decided to give to take the cash.

“Investors like me are getting hurt [by rumors] and we are sick of it.”

With long term investments in TRX and BNB, it’s easy to see why he’s frustrated. Cryptocult does not condone harassment in any way whatsoever, but Mike Dudas and Frank Chaparro have been good sports throughout this, posting some of the memes themselves.


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