How to enable and disable cryptocurrency assets in Exodus

After your Exodus wallet is installed and secured, it’s time to deposit your assets, and to do that you need to enable them. Exodus supports over 100 coins, but they are not all instantly available. Here’s how ot enable assets that are not in the wallet tab by checking some settings. 

Enable/Disable Exodus Assets

  1. Open the Exodus app and click settings on the bottom left hand corner.Where to Enable assets on Exodus
  2. Clicking settings should automatically bring you to the “Assets” tab. If it does not then you will be able to find it in the row of categories at the top of the app. 
  3. Below where it says “Enable/Disable Assets” there is a text box that says “Search Here…” This is where you will enter the name of the coin you would like to deposit. 
  4. Let’s say you would like to enable Tezos. You will type “Tezos” in the search box and then click the empty circle next to it, which will then turn into a checkmark. 

Location of check box to enable assets

When you have enabled your asset, it will show up in the “Wallet” tab on the of the app. From there you will be able to deposit and withdraw to your blockchain address. 

Another use of this enabling/disabling assets feature is that it gives the ability to clean up your wallet. By default, Exodus lists about 14 coins on their wallet tab. If you would like to only show the ones you are interested and not sift through the list, just disable them by using the same method.