Ripple expands into D.C. to educate regulators

Ripple said in a press release today that industry leaders have to come together to realize the full potential of blockchain tech. With this, Ripple announced a dedicated government relations office in Washington D.C. Along with the expansion, they also announced becoming a member of the Blockchain Association.

The Blockchain Association is a non-profit located in Washington D.C focused on advocating for blockchain networks. Their official website has little information on who exactly is involved in the project or what they have done, other than quotes from companies like Coinbase, Circle, Cumberland and Blockstack scrolling across the screen. 

On the Blockchain Association’s Medium page, they occasionally post opinion pieces and news that has to do with them. The one post they have with direct commentary between a member and the U.S. Government was when Circle’s Jeremy Allaire testified to the Senate Banking Committee on behalf of the Blockchain Association. It was an important moment for the group when the Committee asked them to represent the blockchain industry.

We are grateful that the Committee asked the Blockchain Association to represent the industry in this important hearing and look forward to continuing our dialogue with policymakers in order to ensure that the United States remains a leader in this growing field.

October has been a month filled with the U.S. Government telling blockchain projects no. Education in D.C. seems necessary to those advocating for blockchain projects, but it is unclear what type of activism is actually going on. 

Ripple is one of the few blockchain companies who is working in harmony with banks. Some of the Ripple community believes that because of this, they can have a strong influence on D.C. regulators.