How to install and set up Exodus wallet on Mac and PC

No matter how much effort top exchanges put into making sure your funds are secure, a wallet is the safest place to keep your crypto. Setting up a wallet for the first time can be intimidating but rest assured, Exodus asks for less information than Facebook. 

Exodus is a great wallet to start with because of its polished interface, variety of supported coins and speed. There is even an exchange feature so you don’t have to deal with the time and fees of withdrawing to an exchange and redepositing. 

Without even having to create an account, you’ll be able to deposit your crypto in seconds. 

Set up your Exodus Crypto Wallet 

  1. Make sure you are at If you are on the official website, the browser should have a closed lock next to the web address. 

This is the only website you should install Exodus from

  1. Press “download” on the top right side of the page.
  2. Install the application as you normally would. On Windows, you simply click on the downloaded file and it will install. On Mac, drag the file into the Applications folder as usual. You can download this program for Linux as well.
  3. Exodus does not require an account to be made. As soon as the program is installed, you will be able to manage your crypto assets.

After setting up, we recommend is to immediately activate the security features of the application. The entire point of a wallet is to have added security and while it is now not on an exchange, anyone can open your the application from your computer and send assets without a password.